Our Process


This is the first step in establishing a strong foundation and trust.  This is where we identify your goals and formulate a strategy.

Research & Plan

Based off of the initial conversation we will do some research and outline your project. We will agree on priorities and set milestones creating a strategic plan that will help to achieve your goals.


When the outline is finished, we will create visual concepts of the project. We review and revise these materials until it aligns with your vision and goals.


This is where we determine what platform to use, whether it be Drupal, Wordpress, or another engine. We make sure it's the right fit for the job.

Testing & Project Wrap Up

For web projects, this includes training and browser testing. For printing, this includes sending to print and press checks if necessary. For illustrations and branding, this includes file preparations and developing brand standards.


We don’t just launch your project and then leave you on your own. We offer ongoing support to determine strengths, analyze weaknesses and strategize for improvements.